Zane of the Dead


Zombie makeup, photo and son by Ken Morgan.

The holiday candy and wrapping paper have been on the shelves of the local CVS for about a week now. Still, I’d like to keep the Halloween spirit alive for just a little longer. When I saw this photo of Zane, our friend Ken’s son – I was in awe! Ken did an amazing job with the makeup and staged the photo to look like a grade school picture backdrop – so wonderfully twisted!

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2 Responses to Zane of the Dead

  1. Joe_Williams says:

    Thanks for the use. We love the makeup, and we wanted to share!

    The thing I marvel at is Zane’s patience for that sort of thing. I did a liquid latex/cotton/collodion/grease paint zombie on a few decades ago and couldn’t wait to get the crap off of my face.

  2. kemostudios says:

    You guys are WAY TOO kind! Thanx-Zane got a kick out of the fact that his makeup has appeared on a site other than my FB wall!

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