YECCH!!! Looks, Feels Real!

COMICS-HEADsevered-fingerThe Finger Factory? Was it a cottage industry or was there a brick and mortar building where workers punched a time clock to crank out life-like severed fingers?

I have so many questions: How many people worked there? Was it an assembly line? Did the Finger Factory have a human resource department? Did they manufacture any thing other than life-like, severed, Caucasian fingers? Did the kids who ordered this have enough keys to warrant the purchase?

…and how could a guarantee of satisfaction actually be determined?

This twisted and probably completely successful ad appeared in The Invincible Iron Man No. 104 published by Marvel Comics in 1977.

ironman-104This is back when The Golden Avenger was a second string character fighting Victor Buono knock-offs; romancing masked freaks and teaming up with SHIELD Agents in unlikely, less-than-steatlthy, golden uniforms. Iron Man was always one of my favorite characters, but the creative teams weren’t doing the character or the readers any favors.

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  1. oldnfo says:

    I can’t say I’m sorry I missed that one… 🙂

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