Box 2217

Box 2217Here’s another one of Tina’s photo elective shots of Center City Philadelphia circa 1981. As I’ve written before, illustration majors at the Philadelphia College of Art were required to take a photography course where the students would shoot, process and print black and white photographs. Being that the school was situated in the heart of Philadelphia, a lot of photographs were shot there. The shot above may have seemed par for the course at the time but being that three decades have passed, it’s interesting to see what has changed. What stands out to me is the fire call box. They used to be everywhere. Not any more. They vanished without anybody noticing.

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  1. The guy with his hands on his hips looks like it might be Tom Harkins.

    Bain’s in the background on Broad Street was a food lunch treat once in a while.

  2. Joe_Williams says:

    There’s a few alternate shots from this same roll showing a bit more. Stay tuned!

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