Courtesy is Caring

Courtesy is CaringI meant to put this name-badge up on Fathers Day, but, of course, I couldn’t find it, and it’s only natural that I came across it when I was looking for something else. I never did find the other thing I was looking for.


This name-badge with it’s anniversary pins attached represents my Dad’s professional career. He worked at the Frankford Arsenal for over three decades; retired; got tired of being retired and went to work at Sears when the Deptford Mall opened in 1975. Dad was a people person so he loved working at Sears and dealing with customers. I wish I had a tape recorder running to capture some of the stories he would tell. They were hysterically funny.

In lieu of a tape recording of my dear, old Dad, I’ll put up this picture of him circa 1982. Dad didn’t care for the cuisine available at the Deptford Mall or the cost of that cuisine so he came home for lunch and dinner. Here he is enjoying lunch circa 1982. This was another of my Photo Elective shots that I snapped off to finish up a roll of film and probably to see what a Pan-X shot would look like with a flash.

Dad - Home for Lunch

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2 Responses to Courtesy is Caring

  1. Old NFO says:

    Those were the days when EVERYBODY wore a tie… Much better than today… sigh

  2. Joe_Williams says:

    Ties were expected. It was the uniform. The guys in the ties were going to give you info. Nowadays it’s a polo shirt with the store’s logo and maybe the guy ran a comb through his hair.

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