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Peach Strawberry Galette

Galettes – when there’s no time no make a pie. They’re rustic, show off their luscious fillings, and can be thrown together in a snap. You can even use store bought crusts – no judgment here! A galette is the … Continue reading

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Friday Five – Number Ninety Six

Ninety-sixth in a series creating a collage using five elements.

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Fiddling Around in Photoshop Alternatives

I have a number of less than great photos shot with point-and-shoot cameras, and I decided to have a little fun exploring the possibilities of image editors other than Adobe’s Photoshop. Above is a daytime shot of the Drake in … Continue reading

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What Would Tippi Hedren Do?

Living dangerously at 5th & Washington.

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Across the street from Philadelphia National Bank

Here’s another Photo Elective shot by Tina Garceau. As I’ve said before, all sophomore students majoring in illustration at The Philadelphia College of Art were required to take a minor course in photography where the students would take and process … Continue reading

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A Simple Crab Cake Supper

These crab cakes are one of my do-ahead dinners in summer. Throw ’em together early in the morning, a quick sauté in a skillet, and serve with a salad. It’s a light dinner that’s easy to make, won’t heat up your kitchen, and … Continue reading

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The Owner of the Club Mardi Gras Chimes in

One of the great things about the internet is that it’s so vast that there is always something new  out there. Even if an article was published months or years ago, chances are good that it’s going to be new … Continue reading

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