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Ominous Clouds Over Washington Ave.

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Washington Steaks

This is another digital photo of another building that ain’t there no more. This is another victim of the relentless March of Progress. I couldn’t tell you if the steaks were any good, but there is no denying that sign.

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Looking South – El Carnaval de Puebla 2018

El Carnaval de Puebla took over Washington Avenue on Sunday – it was a visual wonderland! More photos after the cut.

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Looking South – Letters on Washington

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Snack Food Icon

I was going about my normal routine, when I came upon this slightly disturbing sight. It’s weird seeing a cartoon huckster of candy coated popcorn made flesh, silently and somewhat creepily beckoning passers-by to sample his wares. I tried to … Continue reading

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Part of the steeple of what was The Emanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church. The building now houses the Phat Quang Buddhist Temple. Read about it here.

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What Would Tippi Hedren Do?

Living dangerously at 5th & Washington.

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It Came From the Save-A-Lot

Here’s another example of that urban phenomena known as Truck Mascots. Truck Mascots are usually discarded toys or stuffed animals that truckers rescue from a sad and sorry fate in a landfill and lash them to the grill of their … Continue reading

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