Pluto TV

crawford-route66A post-Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, pre-Trog Joan Crawford in an episode of forgotten television series Route 66.

I discovered this odd television guest appearance while surfing the channels on my Roku box. Yes, you can surf channels on the Roku just as you can on a cable TV subscription thanks to the odd, bundled streaming channel known as PlutoTV.

plutotvPlutoTV is a bundle of internet television channels set up like a cable or satellite subscription offering a streaming assortment of ad-sponsored news, some oddball sports and a lot of public domain offerings. It’s not like a lot of on-demand content channels on the Roku where you pick a movie, put up with a lot of ads for energy drinks, cars and vacation destinations only to watch a bootleg VHS quality copy of some cinematic atrocity repeatedly interrupted by the same three advertisements. This is streaming like a real TV in pretty decent quality, and there seems to be something for everyone in the lineup. You can check it out on your computer, phone or tablet, but I prefer watching my Roku from the comfort of my living room.

The nice thing about PlutoTV is that it’s free. It’s hardly a replacement for a cable or satellite subscription, but the price is right!

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