Return of the Atomic Warrior

An old friend returned for a visit via the pages of a cheap sketchbook (which I will review once I finish it off.) I was playing with a water soluble Derwent Dark Wash pencil which I bought a while back and never did much with and paired it with an Aquash Water Brush which is a water color brush filled with water. I started doodling and the Atomic Warrior started to appear.

I’m going to play with these water soluble pencils a bit more and maybe buy a few different sized Aquash water brushes. I think I may dig out my water color pencils while I’m at it.

A couple days after my initial doodle, I brought my Dark Wash pencil and Aquash brush with me to the YMCA and the Atomic Warrior returned yet again!

What can I say? He’s fun to draw, and it’s fun playing with these water soluble pencils.

I guess you just can’t keep a good, post-apocalyptic, specter of death down. The next day I drew another Atomic Warrior head at the YMCA. This time I was using an old lead holder with some fabulous 2mm leads I purchased from Jet Pens. I worked in detail with a mechanical pencil holding 0.9mm red leads which I picked up a while back at a local art supply store. That lead in that particular size seems to be getting hard to find. Maybe I’m the only one who uses them.

Anyway, these doodle experiments will continue. I have my eye on some art supplies I didn’t know existed. Inktense pencils look very interesting, for instance. Once I get a handle on these tools, I will proceed with something more substantial. Hopefully it will be as loose and as fun as these sketches.I never want to return to the notion that I may mess up a nice drawing with sloppy media.

Stay tuned!

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2 Responses to Return of the Atomic Warrior

  1. Old NFO says:

    Interesting technique, no you can’t keep a good dead guy down…LOL

  2. Joe_Williams says:

    Thanks. If you did ink washes in drafting/mechanical drawing class, same thing. I was always sloppy doing that, but the water soluble pencil is a little more controlled. Interesting art supplies continue to come out of the analog world.

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