Happy Birthday Plywood!

We met Plywood when he crashed a BBQ we had in early June. We didn’t realize it, but he was auditioning for his new family. 

He was charming, but malnourished. Knowing that once you feed a stray, you’ll never get rid of them, Joe said, “You’re not feeding him are you?” I replied, “Of course not!”

Of course I did, and I continued to do so.

He made himself at home in our backyard.

Around October, when it started to get cold, and we had a rainy spell – I had enough and decided to take him in.

Happy birthday Plywood – thanks for finding us!



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3 Responses to Happy Birthday Plywood!

  1. Debra J Higbee says:

    All of our pets have been rescued animals. Congratulations!

  2. Old NFO says:

    🙂 Played y’all for the suckers (read good hearted) that you are! 😀

  3. Tina says:

    Debra – Thanks, rescues make the best pets!
    Jim – He read the stamp on my forehead!

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