A Lady Cabbie and George Sanders’ Brother

Mystery Matinee
Here’s another satisfying but forgotten mystery movie the likes of which used to play regularly at local movie houses when there were local movie houses. Eventually films like this would pad out the schedules of local UHF channels to be enjoyed by insomniacs as they were unspooled during the Late, Late Show. Of course, this was well before the advent of infomercials.

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Fortunately for me, these movies may be forgotten, but they are not gone. There are a number of streaming channels filled with movies like Two O’Clock Courage that I watch on my streaming player of choice, the Roku. I think I watched it on the Pub-D-Hub channel which has become my favorite place for this kind of material. It’s also really nice that it is commercial free. I can bask in the past rather than being pestered by ads for pharmaceuticals and air fresheners.

Watch the movie embedded above or check it out at the Internet Archive.

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2 Responses to A Lady Cabbie and George Sanders’ Brother

  1. Old NFO says:

    They are out there. Cal Worthington out in California used to do b-roll movies from midnight to 0600. Kept away many a watch by those!

  2. Joe says:

    I miss that era. These were the sort of movies that would be shown before the station signed off for the night. I don’t think stations do that anymore.

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