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Truck Mascots

Well, more of a bike mascot – a baseball fan who stopped in the park had the Phillie Phanatic strapped to his handlebars!

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Baby Spinach White Pizza

Pizza with lots of garlic and spinach fits the bill on Meatless Mondays. If you follow the recipe, you can make an amazing pizza faster than delivery, and save some dough (pardon the pun) while you’re at it!

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Feline Friday

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Ingber Clutch

I received this clutch when an elderly neighbor passed away. It was manufactured by The Ingber Company in Philadelphia, PA. The company was established by brothers David and Issac Ingber in 1903, and survived until 1966.

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Down on 7th Street

My son and I came upon the Zhen Ru Temple when we were meandering home from the Murphy Pool. We’ve been wandering South Philadelphia aimlessly for years, and we are still finding things and places we never knew existed.

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