Ingber Clutch

I received this clutch when an elderly neighbor passed away. It was manufactured by The Ingber Company in Philadelphia, PA. The company was established by brothers David and Issac Ingber in 1903, and survived until 1966.

Although my clutch is fairly simple, the Ingber’s bags were known to be creative and of high quality. The movie “Around the World in Eighty Days”, featured one of their carpet bags, another of their bags, appeared in “Marjorie Morningstar” starring Natalie Wood.

The Ingber’s exhibited at the “Second National Merchandise Fair” in 1923, and the”Made in America Industrial Exhibition” at Bloomingdales Department Store in 1938. There was a factory and home office in Philadelphia, as well as a showroom in New York City. It would be wonderful if we could get back to the innovative, manufacturing jobs in this city.


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