Still Waiting

Regional Railway Punk RockerThis is another digital picture that I shot more than a decade ago, and another situation where I was waiting for a train. I used to rely on SEPTA’s regional railway to get to work. This was before the price and the delays became more than I could bear. Wet leaves on the tracks are a common excuse for tardiness. There was also the pleasure of sharing a car with the joyless commuters who personally enforced the rules of The Quiet Car. I switched to the subway and bus lines which are far from perfect, but preferable to the regional rail.

Pat Benatar, Junior pictured above was probably headed back home to the suburbs after taking in some urban verisimilitude. She probably went to South Street — the hippest street in town.

I shot this back in March 18, 2010 which doesn’t seem like a long time ago, but it feels like a lifetime ago.

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