Hell’s Virtue Signalers on Wheels

Hell's Virtue Signaler on WheelsThis was a cartoon I did a year ago but put away because I didn’t think the trend would last. The joke was stale so why bother? I decided to dig out the sketchbook it was in and finish it off when I saw two of these guys whizzing down bike lanes on electric scooters seconds apart. In addition to the scooter powered by zero emission unicorn farts, their ensembles include a mask to protect them from the outside world. Even the most hypochondriacal maiden aunt in your family doesn’t bother with a mask any more, but the electric scooter people never got the memo.

What’s wrong with a bicycle? You’ll get where you’re going and get some exercise as well.

I am far from the manliest man in the world, but modern males make me feel as if I’m Lee Marvin in comparison.

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2 Responses to Hell’s Virtue Signalers on Wheels

  1. Old NFO says:

    You hit that nail on the head!!!

  2. Joe says:

    They won’t give up. I wonder if they think about what’s going to happen to the lithium battery when it gives up the ghost.

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