Truck Mascots

Here’s a new category dedicated to the phenomena that I call Truck Mascots. This is when drivers or crews of industrial trucks, usually garbage trucks, find a discarded toy stuffed animal and lash it to the grill of their vehicles like some sort of modern variation of flying maidens on ships of old. These shots usually depend on whether Tina and I are packing a camera when we see them. Unfortunately, we’ve spied some truly remarkable examples of this urban trend when we didn’t have so much as a stinking camera phone. So, always remember to carry a camera!

Tina snapped a Daffy Duck in a sailor suit on this huge dump truck.

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2 Responses to Truck Mascots

  1. Gerry G. says:

    Here I always thought those were hit and run victims from Toon Town!

  2. Tina says:

    Could be Gerry, could be!

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