Confessions of a Size Queen

When you can’t find what you’re looking for, sometimes you got to DO IT YOURSELF!

For ages, I carried a purse the size of a rucksack – the bigger the bag, the more crap you haul around. Did I really need a foil space blanket, lipgloss, small sewing kit, mascara, travel toothbrush, rain poncho, granola bars, first aid kit, eyeliner, waterproof matches, a “mini” Gerber Suspension tool with scissors, hand sanitizer, and two MREs? Did I suddenly become a survivalist?

After growing weary of the pack mule routine, I downsized to a clutch. A lipstick, credit cards, cash, and my keys – easy breezy, right? While I did like carrying less than an Eagle Scout on a two week camping trip – I missed having my camera and sketch book on hand. I was suffering from a Goldilocks complex – the first bag was too big, the second too small. I needed a bag that was juuussst right!

A few sketches, new fabric from Spool, and some time at the old sewing machine and I had my just right bag! It measures 14″ x 14″, with two large interior pockets to hold the small stuff.

Reverse side of the Just Right Purse

It won’t fit a pup tent or a bedroll, but it carries what I need! It’s the purse that’s Just Right!

Which ultimately begs the question – what sort of gal lies around in bed all day and relies on large, potentially vicious, land mammals to fix her breakfast?

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5 Responses to Confessions of a Size Queen

  1. Nancy says:

    And hurray, it matches your Cranky Skirt and Cranky shirt! I am a true bag lady and I feel like one can never have too many bags. My husband recently came home from a convention/trade show with about 4 canvas bags with company logos screened on them. I sewed in an inside pocket, then cut a strip of retro-look bark cloth and sewed it on the outside to cover the logos. Sneaky, huh? I will take a pic and send it.

  2. Tina says:

    As well as my new kitchen curtains!
    Interesting idea, I never thought to do that.
    The outside piece could also be a large pocket depending on the size of the logo.
    I’d love to see your photos!

  3. Joe Williams says:

    I’ve had the urge of pinning the Lucky Strikes logo over the Whole Foods logo on the shopping bags they sell.

  4. JT says:

    Have you ever used one of those tinfoil space blankets ?

    They have the consistency of saran wrap.

    Once I went camping….and forgot my sleeping bag.

    I had a blanket in my car which I put on the floor of my tent, and when I was ready for bed, I turned off my flashlight and attempted to unfold the space blanket in the dark.

    I would unfold, and it would just re-fold in the opposite direction.

    After 3 or 4 minutes of squit-squit-squit-squit and it wasn’t any bigger than when I first started, I bellowed “WHAT THE %&*$ IS GOIN’ ON HERE ?”

    Then I turned on my flashlight and solved the puzzle.

    Without buying a vowel.

  5. Tina says:

    How could you forget to take a sleeping bag on a camping trip? Ah well, at least you remembered the tent!

    So what was the puzzle of the tinfoil space blanket?

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