Soap is for Sissies – Movie Matinee

Wash, wash, wash! They just want me to be a sissy!

The Night He Came Home!

We’ve all heard that cleanliness is next to Godliness, but it’s also next to homosexuality in Billy’s mind. So instead of washing up, he plays cowboy all by himself and basks in his own filth. That is until he is visited in his bedroom by the spectral image of a man dressed as a cake of soap who sort of sounds like Clifton Webb. He opens up Billy’s world to soap.

Soapy the Germ Fighter assures Billy that it’s not sissy to be clean and tells him all about germs and the danger they pose to health and public safety. He assures Billy that once the boys at the dude ranch get all hot and sweaty, the first thing they do is wash up and make themselves presentable. Nobody loves a smelly cowboy!
Soapy also champions city and county employees known as health inspectors. He assures us that they are also on the lookout for the tiny enemies of mankind rather than shaking down restaurants for payoffs and sleeping in the county’s van.

So if you want to see the origins of Billy’s obsessive compulsive disorder, watch Soapy The Germ Fighter embedded below!

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