Scary, Life Size MONSTER GHOST

If it’s a ghost, shouldn’t that be Death Size?

For only one dollar you could have your very own MONSTER GHOST that was OVER 7 FEET TALL! It rises, jumps, darts and floats in air! Think of it! You could terrify the neighborhood with it! You’d probably make the evening news! The other kids in grade school would proclaim your genius!Your parents probably thought you would attempt to terrify the neighborhood as well, and that’s why they didn’t give you the buck or the postage for it.

My guess is that it was probably a kite with a long tail. If it worked, it was probably pretty impressive. We used to fly kites with my Dad on the beaches of the Jersey shore. Back in the ’70s, there was sort of a vogue for kites, and there were all sorts of shapes and sizes being flown. I don’t recall ever seeing the Monster Ghost but it probably looked great floating and darting in that sea breeze.

Where Monsters DwellThe Monster Ghost ad was from Where Monsters Dwell No. 9 which was published in 1971. It contained fairly tame, Comics Code approved horror comics from Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby and Paul Reinman originally published in 1960. A new cover was created by Marie Severin, and I was probably bought the comic to shut me up. You like monsters – read this!

* * * U P D A T E * * *

Eagle-eyed Bill Cucinotta sent me some information and a few links regarding the Scary, Life Size Monster Ghost. Here’s a post showing a rare original Monster Ghost still in the package! The Ghost is still available for purchase HERE. There’s a photo of the assembly instructions HERE. Sadly, it looks like it’s not a kite at all. It looks like a balloon and a plastic drop-cloth. Mom and Dad were right!

Thanks, Bill!

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