Sewing an iPod Pouch

Tina's 3rd Generation iPod Nano Bag Version 1.0 Folded I made a protective pouch for Joe’s adorable, little 3rd generation iPod Nano.

3rd Generation NanoAfter trying and struggling with a number of either cheap or no-name MP3 players, Joe finally caved in a while back and bought a genuine Apple iPod. It wasn’t the latest and greatest, but it is a beautiful little piece of industrial design, and I couldn’t stand the thought of it getting scratched and banged up during Joe’s commute to work so I sewed a pouch.

Tina's 3rd Generation iPod Nano Bag Version 1.0I had scraps left over from a baby quilt, and I decided to just wing it with the design. I measured the iPod and made a pocket and added another pocket to hold the earphones. It has quilt batting on the inside as protective padding. It has flaps with snaps to keep the goods inside. The whole thing folds in half like a wallet and has velcro to hold it together. The strap may be extraneous, but I thought it was a nice touch.

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