Monkey & Bird – Some Enchanted Evening

Monkey & Bird - Some Enchanted EveningMonkey & Bird by Joe Willams & Tina Garceau continues TODAY at CO2 Comics. Click HERE to see how Mickey and Sylvia’s starlit rendezvous is going!

If you are a regular reader of Willceau Illo News, you may have read this article where I wrote of my back and forth struggle with traditional versus digital inking. This installment of Monkey & Bird was inked digitally using a Wacom tablet. Of course, the sketches were all done traditionally with pencils and paper.

Putting the word balloons in this one killed me because I loved the colors and the backgrounds so much. I was tempted to keep it silent, but I didn’t. As an added bonus, here’s the cartoon without sound:

Interested in a printed copy Monkey & Bird? Get the Mini-Comic HERE!

The Monkey & Bird Mini-Comic

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