Use to break up solemn occasions

Ever been stuck at a funeral or a memorial service where an endless parade of weepy mourners drone on and on about the dear departed and wish there was something that would break through the dreary fog of misery? Moments of silence too long for you?


Well, the folks selling Powerful Pocket SHRIEK ALARM thought that the ability to “break up solemn occasions” was a reasonable alternative selling point for this alleged self-defense device and well worth your buck ninety-five. Of course, comics were always filled with ads targeting misfits and sociopaths such as practical jokes and gags. It probably sold well to the future eighth grade drop-outs who were constant guests of principals. HAR! HAR! Lotsa Larfs!

The ad for the Powerful Pocket SHRIEK ALARM appeared in Navy Gobs ‘n’ Gals No. 6 published by Harvey Comics in 1973. It, like a lot of Harvey’s lineup were sort of crappy comics meant for kids, but I was aware they were crappy back then, and I was a kid. Sadly, the company is gone, and the world is a little less without their output. Even with the multitude of webcomics, I don’t think there is anything out there like Sad Sack.

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