Midnight Cowboy

I saw this guy when I was on a Route 23 Bus stopped at the traffic light at 11th and Pine in Philadelphia. This guy (a kid, really) was fishing an alternative weekly newspaper from one of the honor boxes outside of Louis I. Kahn Park. He wore a braided, dreadlock Mohawk and a homemade anarchy tee-shirt that probably shook up the staid citizens of his suburban hometown (if they bothered to notice) and annoyed his grandmother who threatened to stop sending checks. He was laden with a backpack and duffel bag, and I assumed that he just got off the bus at 11th and Filbert looking for the excitement of the BIG CITY.

He reminded me of a modern day Joe Buck looking for fame, fortune and the greener grass on the other side in Midnight Cowboy. Here was another rube dressed in an outdated costume just hitting the concrete of Philadelphia and trying to get his bearings.

I took a mental snapshot and scribbled him down in my sketchbook on my way to work.

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    Like being back at PCA!

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