To Each His Own


Above is the detail from another comic book ad aimed squarely at pimply adolescents with power fantasies.

250-skinny-guysThough 35 days to a Herculean physique seems like an eternity compared to the other fellow’s promise of manliness within 7 days.

Unusual font choices. It looks like the typesetter decided to break in some new typefaces.

I didn’t really recall this ad which is weird being that it was inside a beloved and well-worn copy of Crazy! N0. 1 published by Marvel in 1972. My brother and I wore it out being it was a humor mag spoofing Marvel’s pantheon of characters and beautifully rendered by the likes of Marie Severin, Tom Sutton and John Verpoorten.


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2 Responses to To Each His Own

  1. Joe_Williams says:

    I think I only have this and one other issue that poked fun at DC Comics. I loved the cartoony pencils particularly Marie Severin’s work.

  2. jtliehr says:

    Eventually CRAZY went more toward being a “MAD” style mag..Their mascot was a mean surly clown called “Obnoxio”..Kids could write to him and trade insults

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