The Day The Music Died


One of the reasons that a lot of my contemporaries went to art school was to hopefully one day design an album cover. Think of how thrilling it would be to see something you created every time you went into a Sam Goody, Wall To Wall Sound or Crazy Eddie. Of course, those days and retailers are long gone. Teenagers no longer stare into an LP cover as a vinyl disk spins on a turntable delivering a wall of analog sound. Illustrating an album cover seemed as likely as designing the menus on a Trans-Atlantic liner.

Then it happened.

A local band called me. They had seen my work bouncing around the internet and engaged me to illustrate their CD cover. Who would have “thunk” it?

I went happily about it as the band was laying down the tracks. Sadly, as is the case with a lot of bands, either creative differences or the millennial version of Yoko Ono rent the group asunder making the CD’s release impossible. The folks were splitting and my art became an orphan of the storm. So, in lieu of a Friday Five, I thought I’d throw this up.

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    Good one!

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