Sketchbook from Heaven • 1/22/2017 – 5/7/2017

Usually when I finish off a sketchbook, I have either a feeling of accomplishment because I’ve managed a few competent scribbles within or relief in that I finally put an especially irritating pad that I made the mistake of purchasing out of my misery. With this cheap little scratch-pad I got for Christmas, I felt sad as I turned to that last page at the local YMCA. The sketchbook which had given me so much was giving it’s last.

South Jersey Swamp Creature

Not the last page, but second to last.

I never felt this way about another sketchbook. Then again, I’ve never had a sketchbook where I was as happy with the stuff I was putting into it. Ideas bubbled up from it’s  wire-bound pages. It seemed to be it’s own cure for creative block. The blank whiteness of the pages did not stare back for very long. I guess that’s why it didn’t last very long.

Goodbye, not very old friend.

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