Gone and Already Forgotten

Another cheap sketchbook has bitten the dust. It wasn’t a terrible sketchbook, and I would probably pick up another one if it was on sale, but it contained none of the magic of the improbable Sketchbook from Heaven. For reasons unknown, ideas would just bubble up from the pages of that original sketchbook. This pad from Dick Blick had no magic. It was a slog killing it off.

Oh, well.

There are a few partially finished or partially started sketchbooks of varying quality that I will throw in my bag. Let’s see if I can wring any magic from them.

I had a teacher in art school who taught a freshman illustration elective, and she referred to sketches or drawings as “your dirty little marks.” She wasn’t the happiest of people. See my dirty little marks HERE.

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2 Responses to Gone and Already Forgotten

  1. OldNFO says:

    I’m sure the next ‘magic’ book is out there, somewhere… 🙂

  2. Joe_Williams says:

    The search continues!

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