Goodbye Half a Sketchbook

A while back, I had the bold notion of trying to replicate my beloved Sketchbook from Heaven by cleaving a larger pad of paper in two. It was a great idea, and if it worked, I would have bought several more pads and hacked them in half. It was the size and shape of the Heavenly sketchbook; the paper was heavier and better being able to take both wet and dry media unlike the cheap kid’s pad from Target, but it just wasn’t the same. It didn’t call out to me siren-like compelling me to scribble within. Ideas didn’t bubble up from it’s pages. Days would pass, and it would sit untouched in the bag I carry to and from work. It took almost three years to kill it off. It was sort of a dud.

It wasn’t completely terrible. I had some fun with it here and there, but I won’t be moving on to the other half of this as my next sketchbook I carry around. I have a few others I’m going to put to the test. Let’s see if they have any magic in them.

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2 Responses to Goodbye Half a Sketchbook

  1. OldNFO says:

    Better luck with the new one!!!

  2. Joe says:

    We shall see. Thanks.

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