Peace Through Superior Firepower

So for a $1.98, am I protecting myself and my loved ones with steely fists or a board I can carry anywhere?

The Incredible Hulk 186I saw this tiny advertisement which I have enlarged in issue #186 of The Incredible Hulk published by Marvel Comics in 1975. Comics were printed quickly, and — most importantly — cheaply on newsprint back then and were festooned with too good to be true ads in between pages of costumed do-gooders duking it out with costumed evil-doers. Information about creative teams and the genesis of various characters is easy to find, but I never found articles about the nuts-and-bolts operation of a comic company. Who found and solicited the advertisers? Was there a dedicated salesman or some small advertising agency that bought and placed the ads for body building programs and selling seeds for cash and prizes. If I ever had a chance to talk to Stan Lee or one of the other old timers, I wouldn’t bother asking the well worn questions about Kirby or Ditko. I’d ask about the salesmen who sold these tacky ads. Did they call it in or drive into the offices once a week? Who prepared the art boards? Was it something the printer handled?

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2 Responses to Peace Through Superior Firepower

  1. Old NFO says:

    Interesting questions… And not a clue!

  2. Joe says:

    I wonder how much the ad cost, and whether the Peace Power purveyor made any money.

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