Be Kind – Please Rewind

Price Break! VCR for $699!Sometimes I have a great notion, and a lot of times I have merely middling notions. It was while pursuing one of these middling notions that I came across a treasure trove!

I was trawling the fabulous Internet Archive which is a great junk heap of pictures, prose, video, audio and ephemera that has entered the public domain. It’s all there absolutely FREE for anybody to use and enjoy with no copyright or price restrictions. I was there looking for a tacky Christmas video with which I could torment my readers. The post was going to be titled “Too Soon?” and I was hoping to get my mileage off of the trend of stores and radio stations rushing the Christmas season before the Halloween candy has been devoured.

Har! Har! That’s a knee slapper, Joe!

That was the plan, but then I came across something a lot more interesting!

VHS Rewinder

Attribution: FoxLad at English Wikipedia

I found an entry in the archive titled Cassette Archive. I thought it was probably a collection of old DIY, punk rock, audio cassettes that I have seen and mainly ignored before, but no. Some lunatic or lunatics digitized hundreds of forgotten video cassettes that used to litter the shelves of small, family owned video shops and the big outfits like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video and uploaded them to the Archive. If you spent an inordinate amount of time wandering the aisles of video stores as I have, you will recognize some of these titles. There were many that I looked at and returned to the shelves figuring that I might be wasting my money.

Now I can waste my time because they are all free!
There’s something for everyone in this oddball collection provided that you’re not too demanding or not expecting a whole lot. You can enjoy it embedded above or head over to the Internet Archive to watch or download it there!

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2 Responses to Be Kind – Please Rewind

  1. Old NFO says:

    Oh damn, all I need is ANOTHER time sink… LOL

  2. Joe says:

    I think a lot of these movies work best as background noise.

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