Matrimonial Mayhem and Monsters!

I continue to hack away at the Out of This World sketchbook with 2mm read leads and whatever graphite pencils I have at hand, and I accompany my doodling with trash television shows or movies streamed to my Roku box. Most of what I watch is utterly forgettable but the free streaming feature that stood out to me was Honeymoon of Terror (1961).Honeymoon of Terror (1961)

Honeymoon of Terror (1961)Honeymoon of Terror is sort of like The Hills Have Eyes in that the newlyweds end up in a deserted locale where they are menaced by a misshapen miscreant. Unlike The Hills Have Eyes, this one had no budget for makeup effects, color film or much of a script. It did have skinny dipping and sun bathing scenes which surprised me for an old film. Dwan Marlow (pictured above) provides most of the skin.

The real reason to watch Honeymoon of Terror is that the couple visits Las Vegas circa 1961 which gives you a pretty good notion of what Sin City looked like when The Rat Pack held sway there. That happens in the first fifteen minutes of the movie so take a look!

Yep, I continue to draw monsters and mayhem. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember.

I am more than halfway through the new Sketchbook from Heaven which was bought for me as a Christmas gift back in 2016 and I only recently broke it open. Sadly, I can’t find anything similar in Target stores, but I did find something at Five Below which is a discount chain in the Philadelphia area. Five Below was a remainder store, but they now make their own merchandise for their shelves. They carry their own sketchbooks in a number of sizes. I’ll be moving to one of their smaller offerings once my current sketchbook is exhausted.

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2 Responses to Matrimonial Mayhem and Monsters!

  1. Old NFO says:

    LOL, ‘B’ movies for the win!

  2. Joe says:

    Tubi seems to be an endless well of this material.

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