Gumball Gangsters

The best Italian cook in the business. Gifted with a super set of tastebuds,
serving up a perfect plate Italian food with the perfect complimentary wine
is a work of art. Problem is Sally is his own cooking`s biggest fan. To get
his cooking absolutely perfect he samples everything, which is why he is so fat.

According to Wikipedia:

The Palermos are a series of two-inch plastic collectible figurines created by David Gonzales. Representing an Italian American family and their associates, the Palermos debuted in 2004 as a spin-off of Gonzales’ Homies figures.

In their fictional world, the Palermo family was once one of New York’s most powerful Mafia groups. Trying to “go straight,” they have established a family-run pizza restaurant.


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  1. Old NFO says:

    That one is a classic!!!

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