The Little Sketchbooks

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Last week I was going to gather my collection of little sketchbooks that I have been keeping since 2017. I have always kept sketchbooks, but my fascination for the small ones started when my wife snagged me the original Sketchbook from Heaven from a Target store as a gift for Christmas 2016. I enjoyed working in that little sketchbook unlike any other. It seemed to have magic baked into the very pulp of its pages, and I became obsessed with chasing down more cheap, little sketchbooks. So I gathered or was gifted little sketchbooks which you can see in slideshow fashion above. Some of these had magic while others were merely serviceable scratch-pads. Good or bad, I am enjoying making my “dirty little marks” in these books.


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2 Responses to The Little Sketchbooks

  1. Old NFO says:

    If they work, it’s all good! If not, well, they weren’t THAT expensive…

  2. Joe says:

    Exactly! Although there is something freeing about a cheap sketchbook. I take more chances because if it doesn’t work out, it was cheap.

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