Killing Off the Birthday Sketchbook

Ticonderoga Tablet

I finished up the Ticonderoga UCreate tablet that I received as a birthday gift this past fall. I’ve used these sketchbooks before, and the price and size are right, but they just aren’t as special as the mysterious Sketchbooks from Heaven. I kept the sketchbook at hand, but what I scribbled within seemed tentative and uninspired. It was the usual doodles of misfits, monsters and miscreants. I made some OK drawings in it, but nothing got me all too excited. I probably won’t get another one of these unless someone gives me one. In which case, it wouldn’t be a terrible scratchpad or notebook.


I’ve already purchased a pair of cheap sketchbooks as a replacement. They are the same size and shape as the other small sketchbooks I’ve been working through over the past several years, but these new pads bear the unfortunate name of Fuxi. They are from China as are most of these tablets, and I have not tried them out as of this writing. Time will tell whether they are magic or trash.



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2 Responses to Killing Off the Birthday Sketchbook

  1. Old NFO says:

    Let the search continue!!!

  2. Joe says:

    We shall see. Usually if I get a quarter to a third into a sketchbook before I know whether it’s good or bad.

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