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Family Photo Restoration

Slowly but surely, I’ve been scanning old family photos and restoring them. Judging from the style of the clothing, this portrait looks like it was taken in the teens. Also interesting is the woman on the left, who is wearing … Continue reading

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Arm Wrestling

Another mysterious family portrait, the man in the middle holding the stop watch is my grandfather. The other two guys –  they may be co-workers from American Thread, brothers, cousins, or friends, hopefully someone chimes in. I do love the staged … Continue reading

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Eleven Ladies

I’ve been scanning and restoring old family photographs – many that were taken in the 1910s. Sadly, none of the people in my collection of photos are identified – except for this one. My grandmother is in the back row on … Continue reading

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The Magnificent Seven

Another photo restoration of an old photograph of my grandmother – Rhea Garceau, seated in the middle. I’m not certain who the other women are – but being that two of them are dead ringers for my cousins, I think it’s … Continue reading

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Hello Summer!

This is a photo of Joe’s grandmother (seated in the middle) and her girlfriends taken sometime in the 1910s. They look like a happy group despite their multi-layered bathing dresses complete with stockings, caps, and shoes. These suits weren’t conducive to … Continue reading

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