Hello Summer!

Mom's Mom

This is a photo of Joe’s grandmother (seated in the middle) and her girlfriends taken sometime in the 1910s. They look like a happy group despite their multi-layered bathing dresses complete with stockings, caps, and shoes.
These suits weren’t conducive to sunbathing or swimming in the least bit – back then men swam, women “bathed” by walking into the water.
On one hand, I’m thankful women’s swimsuits have evolved, those bathing dresses must have been heavy when soaking wet, and took a very long time to dry. On the other hand, I suppose there was a certain freedom not having to pluck/shave/wax every square inch of your body until you resemble Mr. Bigglesworth from Austin Powers before a weekend trip to the beach. The more things change, the more they stay the same!
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