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Pollen, Pollen Everywhere!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but the fellas and I have been particularly hard hit by allergies this spring. Every errand I ran were on streets lined with flowering trees, and I didn’t leave the house without a … Continue reading

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Feline Friday

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Cold Snap!

The polar vortex that has gripped much of the nation has arrived in Philadelphia. Temperatures are in the single digits. The cat is burrowed under a blanket on the sofa, when he’s not sitting on the radiator keeping tabs on … Continue reading

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Stacked Chairs

Stacked chairs for restaurant outdoor seating is a sure sign that spring has finally arrived! I’ve never been happier to see daffodils, and store my winter coat away – Hello Spring!!! SaveSave

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Looking South – 2nd Day of Spring Snowfall


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Spring on South Street

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Strawberry Galette

It’s March, one day we’re sans jacket, the next we need our polar fleece. March can’t make up it’s mind. However, there are strawberries at the market, and nothing says warmer weather like a fruit galette! 

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It’s April 30th

…it may be time to take those Christmas decorations down.

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Hello Spring!

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Asparagus Ricotta Galette

Despite the dump of snow that plagued us on Monday and melted on Tuesday – there’s asparagus in the market, and that is a sure sign of spring! I had some ricotta in the fridge, and leftover mozzarella cheese from … Continue reading

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