Flee For Your Lives!!!

Birthday Crown No. 11Godzilla: King of the Monsters was this year’s theme for Lloyd’s birthday party.

Tina and I were brainstorming about the theme of this year’s party. I kept on kicking around the 11 idea and was thinking of Ocean’s 11 and doing a whole Rat Pack theme. We had done 007 for his seventh birthday so why not stick with the number/movie theme?

Because Lloyd wasn’t into it – that’s why not. It is his birthday after all.

A Pictorial History of Horror Movies

What Lloyd is into is the Godzilla movies especially the ones that came out of Japan after the ill-conceived American remake in the late ’90s. Tina went to work. She went back to the original movie and scanned some pictures from The Pictorial History of Horror Movies. She colorized the pictures and assembled it all in Photoshop .

Cutting out the crown and adding headband

The Godzilla Birthday Crown

My favorite part is the head band with the fleeing villagers.

fleeing villagers

Nice work, Tina, and Happy Birthday, Lloyd!

Candles Lit on a Heaven & Hell Cake

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