I find your lack of faith…disturbing.

Walking to work on trash days I’m noticing a certain disenchantment with my favorite of all holidays before the day has even arrived!

On 11th and 12th Streets in Philadelphia people are engaging in a disturbing trend of disposing what look like perfectly fine and usable items to celebrate Halloween! What madness is this? Where’s their Halloween spirit?

Here’s what looks like a fairly nifty Alien mask and a light saber on 11th Street in South Philadelphia. What gives? Philistines!

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3 Responses to I find your lack of faith…disturbing.

  1. Joe says:

    Thanks for commenting.

    There are a number of thrift store’s less than a stone’s throw away that would have gladly taken this stuff. You gotta wonder some times.

  2. Kathy says:

    It’s a shame they don’t know about freecycle. http://www.freecycle.org I don’t know about the Philadelphia group, but the Delaware County freecycle group is very active.

  3. JT says:

    Treasure for sure.

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