Lovin’ From The Oven – Apple Cake

It was freezing cold on Sunday, and I wasn’t in the mood to venture out. I was bored and decided to get my domestic groove on. Clean the grout in the bathroom? Nah. Dust the chandelier? Pfft. Just then, I spied a bowl full of Granny Smith apples on the dining room table. I was thinking about making an apple pie, but then I remembered that I lent all the butter I had to Paula Deen. Poor thing can’t bake anything that isn’t going to require a quadruple bypass after two bites. What to do?

So I perused the interweb for an appley type dessert I could make sans beurre. As luck would have it, Deb over at Smitten Kitchen had a recipe for Apple Sharlotka – a simple apple cake made from flour, sugar, eggs, apples, and vanilla. I threw on my “Valley of the Dolls” DVD for background noise and got busy. An hour later, this little gem emerged from the oven! It was GEWD! Okay, step away from the computer, go into your kitchen and make this cake. Now!

If God didn’t make little greens apples, thanks to whoever did!



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