Long Distance From Mars

I had a balsa wood box lying around in my studio decided to decorate the lid with this image of what I like to call “Spock and Madonna’s love child”.

I cut out a piece of fabric and coated the back side with Mod Podge. This is to create a barrier for gluing the fabric down to the box, and so that the fabric wouldn’t fray when cut.

When the Mod Podge was dry, I flipped the fabric over and applied the digital grounds to the right side of the fabric using horizontal strokes.

When it was dry, I repeated the process with vertical strokes. I pressed the fabric flat and using low tack illustrator’s tape, taped the top and one side of the fabric to cardstock and ran it through an Epson R1800 on standard settings.

I traced the lid of the box onto the fabric and cut it out. I brushed the lid with Mod Podge and placed the printed fabric on top.

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