Sweet Sixteen

16 years ago, Tina and I tied the knot all nice and legal. As is our custom, we exchange cards that we make ourselves. This is mine to her.

Once again, I didn’t have a rock-solid idea of what I was going to do. I let my pencil do the walking. Cosmic, Maaaannnnnn was going to make another return, but that would have been lazy, and my idea was terrible.

All I could think about was the Boomtown Rats. Sweet Sixteen, ain’t that peachy keen? Yeah, real romantic! Right?

The girl above was drawn in a small sketchbook while riding back and forth on the Market-Frankford El. This is the third version of her. She was fun so I decided to throw my ditzy débutante into the card.

Hey, these things don’t always make sense!

Happy anniversary, Tina!

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