Glows in the Dark!

COMICS-HEADGLows-in-the-dark-detailIt seems that everything old is new again.

I don’t necessarily mean the recent big screen movie version of Dark Shadows featuring baby-faced character actor Johnny Depp and arranged by stylist Tim Burton, but I’m thinking of Hemlock Grove which is a new horror series available through Netflix. Similar to the old Dark Shadows soap opera, it’s chock full of vampires, werewolves and melodrama. Unlike the old TV show, Hemlock Grove has a lavish production and effects budget and is in no way kid friendly. There’s no way that a company would produce products aimed at children based on the Netflix series.

GLows-in-the-darkThis model kit ad appeared in Our Army At War Featuring Sargent Rock No 224 published by DC Comics back in 1970 when the show was still on the air.

OAAW-224-1970This was another war comic illustrated by the great Joe Kubert that my older brother bought, read and forgot about and has been in my collection ever since. As I said before this is the sort of comic that I cherish. There was always a well-worn stack of these at the barber shop that I would thumb through back when I had hair that could be cut into a boy’s regular haircut. War comics are a thing of the past but they were huge back then in the wake of the box office success of The Dirty Dozen and Where Eagles Dare.

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