Mini-Paul McCartney Meets Richard Nixon

COMICS-HEADJackie-Jokers-detailOnly it’s not really Paul McCartney. It is Richard Nixon, however.

This is from an ad for an unfunny Harvey Comic within another unfunny Harvey Comic.

Jackie-JokersI never heard of Jackie Jokers, but apparently he was friends with Richie Rich and Harvey Comics was trying to spin him off into his own comic. I never heard of him not being a fan of Richie Rich or any of Harvey’s line.

Barbershops may have kept this around to keep the kiddies entertained, but this was more like the sort of comic that would be lying around a dentist’s office. Poorly drawn and absolutely unfunny. It was hardly up to the task of keeping a young mind off of his or her turn in the dentist’s chair.

This came out in 1973 after the Watergate break in, but was probably assigned, written and drawn before any of the controversy hit the fan. Nixon won by a landslide in 1972; he was the president, and presidents have ticker tape parades. If it came out 10 years before, Jackie would have had a crew cut and have been driving through a similar parade accompanied by JFK.

sadsackThis ad appeared in the truly awful Navy Gobs ‘n’ Gals featuring Sad Sack.

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