Death Wish

ice-heels-1Because it’s better to look good than have an unbroken coccyx.

On Thursday the Philadelphia area was battered by yet another winter storm shattering a local snowfall record for the season and dumping about a foot of the white stuff along with a crippling layer of ice on top of that. Nobody was getting anywhere on Thursday. Even mass transit was shut down. It was a snow day for the region.

On Friday the citizens of the city attempted to scrape, chop, dig, shovel and salt their way back to normal, but it was still tough going. The coating of ice made removal arduous, and where was it all going to go?

snow-sidewalkIt was a slow going slog over a lot of the city that had yet been shoveled which is why I was utterly dumbfounded by the woman’s choice of footwear above. Of course she could have relied on cabs, but a lot of the streets had been at best spottily plowed and it was hit or miss as far as the sidewalks being shoveled. I saw her at 11th and Walnut, and I just had to stop to snap the shot above. I wonder if she ever made it to her destination.


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2 Responses to Death Wish

  1. oldnfo says:

    Maybe she was using them like ice picks???

  2. Tina says:

    You’re probably right! 🙂

    When I originally saw this photo I thought – “YOU GO GIRL!” Quite frankly, I couldn’t walk in those shoes in nice weather, nevermind navigating a street full of ice and slush.

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