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Friday Five – Number Forty Eight

Forty eighth in a series creating a collage using five elements.

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Young John’s Back Problems

This is John Capewell’s eldest son John, Junior who looks like he’s in some sort of body cast. I’m not sure if it was the result of an accident or maybe some corrective measure was taken for curvature of the … Continue reading

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What’s He Doing Now?

Various components have been delivered to my door, and it’s my task to assemble them. What’s he working on now? Stay tuned to find out!

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YECCH!!! Looks, Feels Real!

The Finger Factory? Was it a cottage industry or was there a brick and mortar building where workers punched a time clock to crank out life-like severed fingers?

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Lemon Crumb Bars

These bars are sort of like my recipe for lemon bars – if my lemon bars were dressed up for a night out on the town. The addition of rolled oats, brown sugar, and sweetened condensed milk, make them especially … Continue reading

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