When Werewolves Attack…

…fight like hell!

I continue working out the plot of a supernatural adventure story through drawings in a cheap sketchbook I got for Christmas 5 years ago but only opened recently. This idea has been languishing in notebooks and on index cards for years and not really going anywhere. I feel as if I was flailing about aimlessly, but these doodles in this cheap pad of paper have given the story a direction.

Monster gets the drop on a hunter. Red 2mm lead drawing.

In this sequence of drawings one of my main characters relates his fateful encounter with a werewolf while hunting in the woods.

Rather then just surrender to his doom which characters do all too often in horror movies and fiction, this guy fights like hell. He’s not going to make it easy.

Yeah, he figures he’s going to die, but he has nothing to lose so this werewolf is going to regret his choice.

I did all of these doodles out of my head while sitting on the couch in the Out of This World sketchbook. Horizon Group USA distributed them and Target used to carry these as stocking stuffers. I don’t think Horizon is bothering this year, and Target carries other name brand artist materials such as Strathmore which are perfectly fine. I’ve used the big brands before, but I now have a superstitious attachment to the cheap doodle pads with the childish covers. They are not archival and they wrinkle like crazy with wet media, but it feels as if the ideas flow fairly easily. That’s what makes this a Sketchbook from Heaven!

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