A Summer Read – RIMWORLD: Diversions

J.L. Curtis has just released the fifth book in his RIMWORLD series of science fiction novels and he was kind enough to bring me along to illustrate and design the cover!

Here is how Jim puts it on the back of the book:

Freighter captains are supposed to make the numbers, hit the routes on time, never deviate, don’t upset any passengers, and always do what the boss says.
Danny Ortega and his ship, the DSRV Ghost, fail every single one of those. No one in their right mind would hire him…
Which leaves the truly odd routes and cargos, and a rep as ‘hot shots’ that will carry special time sensitive loads anywhere, anytime.

As long as he can keep his ship, his marriage, and his crew together, Danny never worries about a fixed schedule. Pirates, plagues, enemies of his passengers trying to take them out, too little money, too much money, and getting trapped in alien mating rituals, sure, but any semblance of a schedule is merely an unanticipated cascade of opportunities.

Fortunately, his ship is full of surprises, and not all of his crew are who they appear to be…

…and here is a little information about Jim:

RIMWORLD DIVERSIONSJL Curtis was born in Louisiana in 1951 and was raised in the Ark-La-Tex area. He is a retired Naval Flight Officer, retired engineer in the defense industry, an NRA instructor, and now lives in north Texas writing full time. He has ten novels out in three different series, The Grey Man (urban fiction), Rimworld (military science fiction), and a new series, Showdown on the River (western). He also has written a number of novellas and stories for a number of anthologies.

This is the fifth novel in the Rimworld Series.

You can purchase this book or one of Jim’s many other works in print or eBook HERE!

Congratulations, Jim! It’s always a pleasure!

So what’s the idea for the next one?

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