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22 years ago today…

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You No Canna Refuse

Back when movies were cultural touchstones made for adults, they were not as heavily merchandised as they are today. A soundtrack album may have been released and a paperback novelization would be on a shelves in bookstores, and that was … Continue reading

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Fat Sacks of CASH

Apparently,  some time around the middle of the twentieth century this fellow was making FAT SACKS OF CASH selling America’s Greatest Family Newspaper GRIT. At least that was the potential promise to young entrepreneurs willing to sell this weekly publication … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Tina! 2018 Edition

Being that Tina’s birthday comes in October, I usually get a jump on Halloween by giving her card the theme of the season. Here is our dear cat Plywood as the undead count from Transylvania.

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Another Cheap Sketchbook Bites the Dust

The Llama Sketchbook: December 27, 2017 to September 29, 2018 Well, at least there is a llama beneath the stickers. In the back and forth of my commutes, my sketchbooks take a beating so I encrust them with whatever stickers … Continue reading

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Last Day of September

Plywood is enjoying an open window while the mild weather lasts.

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William Shatner, Star of “For The People?”

Before the Promise margarine commercials; well before T.J. Hooker, and a bit before he sat on the bridge of the Enterprise, the Shat sat on the panel of What’s My Line? in 1965 where avuncular host John Charles Daly introduced him … Continue reading

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