One Touch Colorization

A new set of features in the recently updated Photoshop make it unbelievably easy to cheat by making the painstaking process of colorizing photos into a one button process!

I caught a video describing the addition of Neural Filters in the latest update of Adobe’s flagship image editing product. I haven’t been paying attention to Adobe of late choosing to focus instead on Affinity’s line of competing products. I do use Adobe’s suite pretty much every day as it is part of my job. It’s sort of a necessary evil. The thumbnail of the video did catch my eye and decided to explore some of these new features for myself.

All That JazzAbove is a self portrait Tina shot on 35mm film back in art school. It was scanned from the negative, cleaned up and the watermark was added. I grabbed the file, opened it in Photoshop and applied the Neural Filter simply called Colorize. The immediate effect can be seen below.
One touch colorizationI audibly gasped. Pretty nifty for a quick effect! It does feel like cheating, and the old painstaking process of painting over layer after layer of the black and white photo may give you what you really want out of colorizing a photo, but this isn’t bad. I guess Adobe is trying to hang on to it’s subscribers!

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