Monsters Not Playing Nicely

In this week’s edition of IT CAME FROM THE SKETCHBOOK I’m featuring some of my couch doodles of monsters doing what they do when they get together which is not getting along. Monsters usually don’t play nicely with one another which is part of their appeal. Nobody is going to pay to watch a misshapen manmade monstrosity discuss sports or politics over a couple of beers with a scion of Satan. It’s like paying to watch professional wrestlers assemble Ikea furniture or gymnasts balancing their checkbooks.

NOPE! Monsters have to fight!

As I doodle and flesh out these scenes ideas bubble up from the pages and I ask myself questions about these creatures. How quickly do werewolves regenerate from mortal wounds? Are vampires always corporeal or just during the day? Are they like wraiths at night? The Frankenstein monster has been shot and survived in some of the movies. How bulletproof is he? Is he immortal or has he always benefitted from a new mad doctor who could never leave well enough alone?

These are probably questions I seriously pondered in grade school, but I guess some things never change.


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2 Responses to Monsters Not Playing Nicely

  1. Old NFO says:

    Interesting… I thought it odd you did it in blue, not red to amp up the tension!

  2. Joe says:

    I grab what is handy. Before digital reproduction, people would roughly sketch in non-repro blue because it wouldn’t show up on camera. Ordinarily if I inked these drawings like a comic illustrator would, I would try to erase as much of the black pencil as I could. The camera would read the black ink and not the blue pencil. Now that doesn’t matter so I grab what is handy.

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